Friday, March 26, 2010


Happy throughout these long whole month... because I successfully got my P license without bribing. I had practice for driving about 16 hours in the whole month.

Secondly, i m currently busying in my studies espiecially the law and business studies subjects. No jokes, i must change my attitude to more serious in my studies. I dont want to waste my time anymore and currently regretting with the ACT that i done in my high school. WTF wrong with me? Anyway, let bygones be bygones.

Thirdly, i m urgently need to improve my english. My english is sucks and can even compare with rural areas's children.. What a shame to me!!!

Fourth, i am enjoying my college life even college life seems to be more hectic than my previous school life. Just finish attended The Inaugural Tun Azmi Mohamed Law Lecture at Mahkota Ballroom, Hotel Istana. Actually, i cant managed to listen the lecturer because.....

The mens group from ATC A level January intake 2010...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Firstly, I got my L license le. Going to learn driving right after Chinese New Year. Time really flies at a speed of light. Little bit fear bout my SPM results. Didnt dare to take my results. Anyway, let bygones be bygones. There is more obstacles in future for me to explore.

Unbelieveble, I had joined the debate competition in my college. Gosh!!! since when Desmond so daring to participate this type of event. Eventually, i did took part when Mr Siva [ my law lecturer] announced to our class. I did consider twice before i raise up my hand with one of my friend, Raymond. Both of us had joined with Aaric group, a experience debator. His knowladge was quite amazed me.

The next day, our group had joined another person, Chloe, A former St. Mary student. Anyway, our group will split when we get our debate task on the next Monday. the debate competition is gonna held after the Chinese New Year.

Haizzz, the coming Chinese New Year will be very busy le. Need to do research on the debate task which is about Contract Law. We havent learn that law yet. So, I got to pay more time to understand the law.

Little bit afraid of the debate competition because we gonna compete with our seniors. No jokes, I had no experience on debating before. Morever, the debate competition is using English. Hope I wont speak out any broken english to embarass myself or my teamates.

Having a great time in my class espiecially with my friends. Haha!! now every Tuesday we got to wear same colour shirt. Curently quie enjoy my class life but i no quite enjoy to walk everyday with heavy bag. Everyday got to walk from Kuala Lumpur Commuter Station to my college. About 10 minutes walk under the hot sun every morning.

Thaat all for this week.

My friends. All of us wearing black with few of girls except 1 traitor whom wearing red. [ kidding only ]

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love it!!

Friday.... I love u so much le .. but this Friday is my last day that have holiday le.

Sad and stress... My syllabus gonna start next Tuesday le.. Gosh!! my life turning hectic d... Actually, college life is not fun at all... Hope my law homework will reduce little bit la because I really quite tired of case studies. 1 week got 4 case studies le and the cases are all average 47 pages. Everyday, study until 2 to 3 oclock. Hopefully wont turn Bakcham's hair color le. If not really had to pray hard.

By the way, bought a new shoes le... Quite satisfied with that cuz i didnt want to wear my adidas Adiprene to Petaling Street. Bought a REEBOK CLASSICS NPC UK FOIL white / gold. Love it so much.

New shoes..

I lov it compared to my Adidas Adiprene..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

first college outing at Times Square.


First time outing with a bunch of my new friends..

After IELTS we gathered outside our college and walked to the nearby monorail station and headed to Times Square.

We decided to watch Legion but that movie is not as nice as I expected. Haiz!! anyway had a very nice time with my college mates.

By the way, I saw Dancologists le. Wa!!! no jokes to boys le.. They are simply awesome hottt. Yes, they pedas!!! Thanks to Raymond lecuz he helped me to ask to take photo with them.

Ooch!! so happy and nervous when taking pictures with them. Boys please dont envy le.
the Wendy's Burger is damn nice..

Its simply the best choice compared to Mac Donald. Espiecially my favaorite burger which is the Shrimp burger and their mashed potato.

I think u will love that. That shrimp burger is very nice d but the fries ..I think Mac Donald's fries is better than Wendy's d. Anyway, Meiyen also introduced the Popaye fastfood restaurant d fries and burger is nicer wor.. I will try it soon.

That all for today le.. Had a happy outing today le.

Wendy's Burger...

Meiyen took the picture.

Dancologists and I...

Monday, January 25, 2010

waiting for my L license.

Finally ~ the 6 hours Amali course had ended.

The entire course is superb boring le. Haiz!!! attended the course alone wihout any friends but also meet one new friends.
But we didnt managed to talk much cuz of the lecturer.....

Had lunch in Old Town opposite the Driving course school.
The food there was quite nice le but their service.... Haiz!!! Anyway their boss screwed them up. No jokes le, she very fierce le. Keep on scolding her workers with some fantstic and boombastic words. I think the workers had stolen some of her moneys.

Anyway, didnt stay long at there. After lunch, hang around the Sri Sinar shoplots. Nothing much there le except cybercafes. 1 row got at least 6 cybercafes le.

When the Amali course end, haha.. Saw Sonia le.

She still as beautiful as the pass days. She also listen the 5hours course. Good luck to her le cuz she going to the Undang test next week.

Currently, stressful with college assignments. NO JOKES... This week got 5 cases to analyse.
Haiz...the cases are not easy le cuz average each cases have 40 over pages and the english is quite hard for me to understand. So I had to study more harder than the pass days if not I think I might not be pass my coming first assignments in March.

Got to go le. See ya

Monday, January 18, 2010


Oh my god!!! my life had totally changed le. Every morning, wake up and took the KTM which a Malay railway system that really dissapointed u sometimes. Haiz.... need to face this situation for 1 years le. Everyday also train and walk. Cant bare it anymore !!!

get bored off Petaling Street. Everyday also congested with so many local and foreign tourists. Buying and bargeining the price.

Now, i also dont know how to determined which goods or stuff is really or immitation d. GOSH... everyday see GUCCI, PRADA, LOUIS VUITON bags.....

By the way, met a lot of friends. Quite fun and interesting in college life.

But the syllabus is getting harder and harder le espiecially law and english literature subjects. Really stressful study life.

First time in my life turned to coordinate with some timetable. Almost everyday need to surf need to do my assignment and quite sufferedddddddddddd.

Just wish that every things will turns fine soon!!! By the way, going for another boring 6 hours amali this Saturday.

time to sleep. see ya

Saturday, January 16, 2010

college life...

4th of January 2010

My history of life began. Quite a hectic start in my college. Meet a lot of friends. Of course got beautiful girls also la. My college life has more stressful life compared to my previous honeymoon study year. Miss my friends so much le!!!

Every morning go to college by train and some 15 minutes walking distances. Haha!! I believe soon I will become a great runner.

Anyway, my college enviroment is totally not same as my former school. I prefer my former school enviroment. Haha... beside my college got prostitute centre le !! Just behind the busy street. Finally I knew what they meant by behind street meaning... I wonder why they want to be prostitutes. Girls should appretiate their body and that is not for sales. HIV virus will hunt them soon. Haiz!! maybe that is so call LIFE..

9th of January

Quite an embarassing day for me.

I failed my undang !!! GOsh... speechless but accept the fact silently.

Majority of my friends passed the undang just once shot. Maybe I too arrogant and foolish. Study for only 6 hours and dare to challenge the undang examinations. Haha... the result is dont ever be too over confidence that will makes u regret.

I failed that stupid undang by just only 1!!!!! question le.. Kanasai.. I waited for almost 4 hours le and sit for that XXXXing exam for 18 minutes without check and the result is so dissapointed u...
Just had to admit that Work Hard Will Pay Off. Decided to retake that examination next Saturday.

But this time I sure will revise my undang!!! no jokes.

16th of January

I passed my undang le.... I so so so so happy. Dont know why!!

This time I also waited for almost 4 hours but with lenglui but too sad she is form 5....
Haha... she very scared just as same as me cause this is my 2nd time le. I dont want to fail again.. At last both of us also passed... Congratz to her le.

Actually I already studied in induction class for 2 weeks le and I decided to take 3 subjects in my Cambridge A- level. English literature, Business studies and also LAW...
These 3 subjects very very hard d.... but no choice cause I need to strengthen my english to achieve more satisfied result in my law degree in future...

The lecturer there are quite nice and also my classmates.
The Petaling Street is the food heaven le.... espiecially the WANTAN mee.. wow!!! superb delicious...
I think I will quite busy for the next few weeks le because need to study more legal books and legal novel.... that all... will keep update my blog when im free...